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What does poke back means in facebook

what does poke back means in facebook

Keep in mind that others will not know that this process has happened with you.
As simple as ABC.
So, your privacy is protected, as this interaction happens only between you and the other user.
1.A poke is basically someone trying to get your attention, its one of the meaning less features that are used just to annoy someone.Well, it is no surprise that the moment we reach home after a long day, we still want to be on Facebook and other umpteen social networking sites.Following are the correct meanings of Poking at, facebook.Go to a friend's profile, find the poke button, and click.It is a way to let other people know that you are thinking of them without going through all the trouble of sending private messages or posting publicly to their online wall.It fulfills the same purpose on this site, though it does virtually.A poke on Facebook is the equivalent of tapping someone on the shoulder to say.Just acknowledge it (or ignore it, it is your wish) and start chatting with your friend.A person cannot be poked again by the same person unless the poke is removed, or if the user pokes back the friend who poked him first.Share it so that, when you poke your friend, he know the real meaning.What is Poke on Facebook?So you don't have to get a panic attack if you encounter something of this sort.Some people have wrong understanding that poke at Facebook is symbol of disturbing.The Poke option is a quirky, fun method that allows people to stay in touch with each other on the social networking site.
What Actually Happens, when you first poke someone or vice versa, you will receive a notification.
Similarly, when someone does this with you, you will receive a notification as well.

The person who does this on this site you tries to get your attention to him so that both of you can start a conversation.2.If you poke someone not in your network and they poke back.So, what does poking someone on Facebook mean, exactly?What Does "poke" Mean on Facebook?You can either respond or ignore.Or it can even be a part of the poking war amongst friends to see who pokes the most and gets the most number of pokes!It means nudging someone hard on their back or hand with your finger in order to get attention.Or, it might also mean that you just want to tell your friend that you are still alive and breathing and want to catch.The recipient of the poke will receive a notification allowing them to see the person who poked them.If someone pokes a user, it opens up their Facebook profile to be seen bonuskoder til casino by that person for 4 days.Vital Information, remember an important point, that any such feature on any social networking site is all about connecting people.Connecting with people you have lost touch with or finding new friends is rather interesting.In layman's terms, what does a poke (in literal meaning) mean?

Similarly, a poke is a feature on Facebook that is used to get attention.