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It just doesnt work.
I knew from the start that I would be the least liked among the panelists and expected to have some unhappy audience members mmDust also noted that much of the backlash came from misinformed viewers who believed that he should be more thankful for his.GrandPooBear says that, in speed running, its entirely possible to be successful without being personable or nice, though many streamers still try to combine the two.Everyone was tasked with answering four simple questions, which the panelists use to judge and say if theyd watch the viewers channel.So when mmDust cordially rejected that approach during his panel, viewers got heated.And its what made streaming enjoyable for me, and its whats allowed me to be consistent.Regardless, its clear that mmDusts entire ethos rubbed the room the wrong way.A streamer responds by saying he never wants that with his viewers and, more damningly, that he doesnt think viewers should relate to him because hes better and bigger than the average person.Earlier, when dmbrandon was saying that I kinda ignore my chat and dont try to make any personal connections, its because it gets to a point where you get so deep into everyone elses business that it gets to you, too, filly hästar slott mmDust says during the.Out of context, the clip sounds like an influencer lording his status over his audience.And I dont want people to recognize me or think of me as a friend because its not a real friendship.Cookie Use and, data Transfer outside the.I found it, personally, hard to balance all of that, so my best way to do it is to cut all the extra out, mmDust said.Hes telling them he doesnt want the relationship, and to add insult to injury, he goes on to say hes better than most people.While this isnt the typical attitude for Twitch streamers, the idea was that there was something valid or potentially valuable about this less ingratiating approach.Uzyskujemy do nich dostęp w celach statystycznych oraz zapewniają one prawidłowe działanie witryny.

I felt that many thought when I said that, that I meant I treated my viewers poorly or that I didnt care them.Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge But the audience was not satisfied.When people pitched streams revolving around lighthearted hijinks, schemes, or personality-based work, he kept reiterating that he was mainly interested in streams because of their gameplay and skill, not the personality controlling the experience.I am friendly to my chat and I do appreciate the time they spend choosing to watch.I like people that make me fuckin laugh when I look for streamers, I want to relate to them.MmDust does none of that.I stream because I enjoy.Last weekend, a TwitchCon panel dedicated to helping new streamers refine their channels minted a new villain in the eyes of the Twitch community, thanks to a short viral clip on Twitter.MmDust also explained that, in the past, he has told himself he is better than other people to help motivate him to stick to things like diets and workouts, but that it doesnt reflect how he actually thinks about other people in his life.And all internet celebrities are grassroots efforts: they shouldnt just feel grateful to be here; they should feel indebted to the people who made them famous in the first place.I recognize that my numbers on Twitch arent like the others who were on the panel with me and I knew going in that I was here because of my viewpoints and opinions.Yes, mmDust is arguably being standoffish and impersonal, but he was also responding to an antagonistic environment that spent a good chunk of an hour wearing him down and telling him that he was wrong for not wanting to be friendlier with his viewers.I completely understand why people feel the way they do about me since what I said was trash.You have to keep that wall.You have to keep a wall because otherwise everyone wants to be your friend, and its awkward, said Twitch streamer Bikeman.What makes so many of the social media celebrities, well, celebrities, is the idea that they are relatable somehow, says Leslie Rasmussen, an assistant professor of communications at Xavier University.

The Verge, if you watch the entirety of the Twitch panel, it paints a much more nuanced picture.
Speaking to The Verge recently, Twitch superstar Tyler Ninja Blevins described a situation in which a college kid in his Fortnite game opened up about his home life and mental health issues, at one point reportedly urging viewers to seek help and take care.
I do it to be better.