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Slotless перевод

slotless перевод

This article covers some elementary motor and drive concepts including inductance, pole count, and PWM voltage.
The theory of maximizing I gain was taken to a simple motor example, where a voltage disturbance was an input to the commanded voltage across a resistive and inductive load (i.e.
Control Architecture Inner and Outer Loop Architecture Rotary motion control is usually realized through the use of at least two nest control loops an outer position loop and an inner current loop, (see Figure 8).The integrated inductance does come with integrated resistance and a loss of efficiency, but it can greatly decrease current ripple and make the motor run cooler.Spur gearboxes are offered with sleeve or ball bearings, optional lubricants for extreme temperatures, Delrin gears for reduced noise, shortened housings are available for select ratios and offset output shaft.As mentioned previously, the motor parameter that captures this conversion of applied current to force is the force constant of the motor (Kf).This eliminates cogging and reduces vibrations, noise, and eddy current-related damping losses.These motors are smaller, lighter and more efficient than brush motors with comparable outputs.This advantage of increased low-frequency gain is at the expense of lost phase free casino slot games to play online at the targeted bandwidth, so care must be taken to not destabilize the loop when enhancing I gain.15-20 KHz is a common PWM rate found on most drives.The block diagram below illustrates where the back emf loss is accounted for in relation to the current loop and a simplified RL motor model.The 50 duty cycle is the worst case for current ripple.The average current illustrated is about 4 amps with.5 amp peak to peak of ripple.The units here become electrical cycles per second or "Hz".It also impacts the phase curve in that more phase margin would be available since the corner frequency has been decreased.Increasing just low-frequency gain is important when the system has high-frequency resonances above frequency A that might have Gain Margin sensitivities.Email protected, ametek slotless brushless motor designs offer many advantages over convetional slotted stator construction.
In certain applications, however, more performance is required, and overshoot is a metric that can be relaxed at the benefit of improved disturbance rejection.
When the back emf becomes greater than 10 of the bus voltage, it has to be subtracted out to get an accurate current ripple calculation.

Other contributors to position-dependent force variability are magnet spacing, motor coil to coil spacing, and motor coil turn spacing.Attached Files: pittman High Performance Slotless Brushless DC Servo Motors.The 1 duty cycle is illustrated below.All of these integrate to create a varying Kf with position.For slow speeds, the frequency is also slow, as the frequency is the linear speed in mm/second divided by the magnetic pitch (mm/pole pair or electrical cycle).Additive inductance, PWM rate, and current loop tuning are all "tools" one can use to improve the performance of slotless motors with PWM drives.Based on the application, however, this level of tuning can give the system the additional performance it requires.The current loop gains must be tuned so that the bandwidth is at least 2 to 3 times more than the electrical cycle frequency, allowing the drive to create phase current instantly, as the commutation algorithm switches the applied current into the correct phases throughout.These gearboxes when added to ametek motor s offer greater flexibility to the designer.