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Pokketmixer mini dj mixer

The pokket mixer uses only a headphone signal to activate it, making it the first DJ mixer that does not require battery or electricity.
Thats where the inventors of the Pokket Mixer think they füssen slot can help.I bet youve got one on you this second.If you use it within these limitations, it does the job.Zwei mal rein und einmal raus einfacher geht es nicht.But equally, you can put it in your bag and forget about it, only to whip it out at an opportune moment and surprise everyone with your resourcefulness.I dont know of any other passive DJ mixers, or any other mixer this small.The unit is made out of metal, with metal knobs.Der Schieberegler für den Mixer selbst zeigt, dass hier Profis am Werk sind.
So ist der pokketmixer auch ideal für DJ-Anfänger oder solche die es lernen wollen geeignet.
The 130 gram console features a crossfader, a listen switch which allows music to be heard from any device through headphones and an equalizer switch which can change low, mid and high frequencies of the left haribo roulette roll or right player.

(They scratch the mixers surface a little bit on turning, though you can pull them up their spindles a tiny bit to stop that happening.) It has sturdy rubber feet on it, so as long as you have a stable surface to use it on, you.Theres an EQ sensitivity button, a PFL select to decide what come out of your headphones, and a headphones volume.Hauptfunktionen, zwischen zwei Audiosignalen (Kopfhörersignale) kann mittels Crossfader überblendet werden.This is a product of the fact that it is designed to work without batteries or power from any other source.Egal für welche Farbe man sich entscheidet, die hochwertige und professionelle Verarbeitung sticht einem sofort ins Auge.Der Einsatz: äußerst flexibel.Nach dem Herausschieben der edlen Kartonschale präsentiert sich uns erst einmal der Lieferumfang.Pokketmixer Video - Set.Its certainly not cheap but nonetheless would make a good gift for the DJ who has everything.The device requires no electricity or batteries every device with a headset output can be plugged in such as an MP3 player, mobile phone, notebook, iPad, PC or personal CD player the device features a crossfader, a listen switch and an equalizer switch pokketmixer how.Mixing by the pool: an impromptu DJ set on the Digital DJ Tips office balcony, with two iPods, some earbuds and a portable speaker.If you carry a mobile phone, or an iPod, or an iPad, its pretty much certain youve got music on you that potentially you could be DJing beste gratis spill på nett with, right there in your pocket or bag.The one they sent us for review has serial number 505, so its certainly a rare item.Rohstoffe vom allerfeinsten, für die heißesten Tunes.
Each channel has hi, mid and low EQs, and there is a master volume control as well as a pretty good little crossfader.