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Pokemon pokeradar chaining guide

So keep on reseting the radar until you find the shiny patch.
If you only go to the blue zone, it will be a 12 chance that your chain will break at most, but keep the risk of edges and corners in mind.
Even to this day, chaining can be the easiest way to get a shiny Pokemon, and they can still be sent to any generation 4 or 5 game.
More like this., Got discord?Moving away so that all patches that shook are offscreen (careful about this one).That will break the chain as well.Chaining is the process of encountering the same Pokemon numerous times in a row.Each time you encounter it, you're odds of finding a shiny patch of grass increase.It doesn't matter which one you step in, except for the really slow ones, because they don't have any Pokemon in them.From experimentation, the fourth "ring" of bushes works best.It's rumored that if you get to a chain of 90, then you have a chance of getting Pokemon with better IVs, but I've never tried this before -It's possible that you may come across a music change like this: Pokemon XY Music: Poke Radar.The main patch of grass you want to step in is a fast patch of grass that is at least 4 steps away from you.Chaining Tips, it's easiest to chain in a large patch of grass or flowers.During a chain, the background music will continue to be different from the usual background music.It's possible to encounter a shiny in a normal patch of grass, but they have the same random encounter odds (1/4096 no shiny charm) (1/1365 with shiny charm) I found a shiny Tauros in a normal patch of grass!

The same type of shaking means that you are likely to encounter the same type of pokémon that you have been chaining with.However, you have to encounter the same Pokemon, or else you'll break your chain.No patches shook as a result of each tile that was supposed to shake not being a grass tile (this is why you should be cautious about edges of grass and corners).How to Use the Poké Radar.Answered, sep 29, 2014 by, qwerty_Zoom selected Sep 29, 2014 by, shinyFire, can you tell me what moves the swarm skitty has in the platinum?Also be sure NOT to use your roller skates, they will immediately break your chain.Switch to the Trainer Counter app (it's a pedestal with 3 spots, and it keeps track of your highest chains use a Repel, set the Poké Radar to the Y button, and save your game.But once you catch the shiny, you're chain is not broken!Encountering a legendary bird does NOT break the chain.For example, if it knows teleport, roar or whirlwind, have a Pokemon with shadow tag or taunt to prevent the shiny from escaping.The objective casino slot 777 gratis is to get to a chain.
Since your chain continues, you can keep looking for shinies.