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Pokefarmer update

Now, the position X refers to "X of the way through the sprite is casino drück glück aligned X of the way into the Field".
Additionally, the drop rate of Team Flare Bags and Double-Up Bags when you win a Spar has been doubled.
The Sale History is still intact so you may use that as the basis for pricing items during the "repopulation" of the Marketboard.
Jan 1st The Type Race page will not show the Team Leaderboard until the event has ended.August 26th, when packing Boxes into a Box Box, the user can click the new "auto" button to auto-select up to 21 Boxes.Link (v2.0.7) Last edited by Useful Idiot; at 03:06.This should allow for much easier editing of more complex posts.Each subdivision awards one Z-Fragment, unless the final goal is reached in which case everyone gets one full Z-Crystal instead.Instead, a "Page not unlocked" page will explain what you need to do to unlock.This will, however, prevent them from getting certain things such as the Birthday Custom Sprites and other bonuses.May 17th A couple of updates have been made to the Registration form.
May 3rd The "Open All" link on the "Users Online" page will now provide a "Get More " button when you reach the end.
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The next suspect to look at is whether we need to increase the power of Z-Crystals again.As of today, the Long Chain bonus will max out at 10,000 Eggs instead.If you put all of your Credits in for the fee, you can potentially end up with 19 times your original funds, easily enough to build the amount needed to sell that Token.Additionally, you can double-click a button on the "Organise Fields" screen to toggle visibility of the Field.When the average number of melanistic Pokémon hatched per day is as low as 10, even a small change can make quite some difference.This allows people who are clicking in Parties to proceed without the "this Pokémon was moved" error getting in the way.Jan 20th The items that can be found in a box and the probability of receiving each item spil tv2 pengene på bordet is now displayed on the Boxes page.

The first 6 are always shown, additional bookmarks appear with the "More." button.
"Forgotten" items that are currently active will move to the front of the list (as new, unsorted items do) while items that are not active will be removed entirely, only reappearing if the associated event returns.