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Pokefarm eggs

File:g Carnivine A dark green Egg with yellow, red, and lighter green marks.
File:g Virizion A green Egg with a fist symbol on the front.
File:g Joltik A yellow Egg with some blue spots.
File:g Buneary 5355 A brown Egg with lighter brown marks.Lunala does have a sprite already (it was made back in december lol but it doesn't have the alts made yet.File:g Taillow 4080 A white and dark blue Egg that has a red spot in the middle.The dream world is basically playing the actual pokémon games but on pokefarm.File:g Illumise 4080 A pale blue Egg with dark blue and yellow stripes.File:g Flabebe A white Egg with a yellow flower crown.Nidoran (Kanto female (which is light blue) and Male (which is purple).File:g Latias 30855 A white Egg with a red bottom and triangle.File:g Masked Buneary A brown Egg with a red mark around.File:g Mudkip C5355 A blue Egg with light blue and orange marks.All users can adopt as many Eggs as they want from the Lab.
Sparks jump from it and water is drawn.
File:g Snubbull 5355 A pink Egg with a blue mark and two grey ones.

Click on the pokémon egg and then on the private summary there will be an option to hatch the egg, afterwards you can name it if you want.File:g Misdreavus A blue Egg with purple designs bonus lavoro giovani 2018 circolare inps and a red necklace.File:g Snorunt 5355 A grey Egg with a yellow and red mark.File:g Paras 5355 An orange Egg with red marks with yellow spots.File:g Voltorb 5355 An Egg that is half red and half white.File:g Thundurus A sky blue Egg adorned with a purple gem-like object.File:g Elekid 6630 A yellow Egg with several black marks.Suitcase: The suitcase is an item to dress up your pokémon.It likes pulling pranks.File:g Lunatone 6630 A yellow Egg that seems to have craters.

Vivillon (Kalos) Meadow, Polar, Tundra, Continental, Garden, Elegant, Icy Snow, Modern, Marine, Archipelago, High Plains, Sandstorm, River, Monsoon, Savanna, Sun, Ocean, Jungle, Fancy, and Pokeball Which pattern is dependent on what user hatched its egg.
File:g Pansage A tan Egg with a green top and bottom.