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Pokeballs pixelmon

Cherish Balls, GS Balls, Master Balls, and, park Balls cannot break in this manner.
GS Ball aria resort and casino poker room : 1 catch rate.
Safari Ball.5 catch rate in Plains biomes.Master Ball, catches Pokémon without fail.Salamence, sceptile, scolipede, scyther, serperior, sneasel, staraptor.Quick Ball : 5 catch rate if used on the first turn of a battle.Poké Ball : 1 catch rate, most basic Poké Ball.Poke Ball 1 catch rate, most basic Poké Ball.Smelt three Apricorns of the required colors for the desired Poké Ball (a list of which can be found here ).Lay them in a row on the crafting table to produce a disc from the Apricorns.0.1x for everything else.Luxury Ball, causes the captured Pokémon to gain more happiness from happiness gains.Heavy Ball, increased catch rate on heavy Pokémon.Place the disc on a Pixelmon anvil, and use a hammer to turn the disc into casino grenoble alsace lorraine a lid for a specific Poké Ball (color of Apricorns determines type of Poké Ball produced at end).Mewtwo, miltank, ninetales, persian, raichu, raikou, rapidash.Premier Ball : Causes royal jackpot casino slots the captured Pokémon to emit a red particle effect when sent out.
Heavy Ball : Increased catch rate on heavy Pokémon.
Master Ball : Catches Pokémon without fail.

Sport Ball :.5 catch rate on Bug -type Pokémon.Contents, mechanics, poké Balls may be used outside of or during a battle with a wild Pokémon.Repeat Ball : 3 catch rate on species of Pokémon that the player already owns.When not engaged with a Pokémon, using the Poké Ball will throw.Craft a stone button (a wooden button will not work).Dodrio, dugtrio, electabuzz, electrode, emolga, entei, espeon.Nest Ball, increased catch rate on lower-leveled Pokémon.Beast Ball : 5x catch rate when used on Ultra Beasts.Sport Ball.5 catch rate on Bug-type Pokémon.Place the metal disc on the Pixelmon anvil and repeat the process.Ultra Ball 2 catch rate.Friend Ball : Sets a captured Pokémon's happiness to 200.Timer Ball : Increased catch rate the longer the battle.Moon Ball : 4 catch rate if Pokémon is in an evolutionary family involving a Moon Stone.Repeat Ball 3 catch rate on species of Pokémon that the player already owns.

Lure Ball 3 on Pokémon found via fishing.
This method requires no aim as any selected Poké Ball will be automatically thrown at the wild Pokémon.
Using this technique, there is a small chance that the thrown Poké Ball will break into its component parts ( lid, button, and base ) if the Poké Ball misses the Pokémon and hits a block.