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So far, Beijing is impassible to the avalanche of reproofs from mass media, public organizations and the International Monetary Fund accusing it of a new colonization of Africa, disregard of human rights, non-compliance with armaments export conventions and dumping credits.
Only by its import of raw materials from Africa and the gap is quickly narrowing; as for its export of goods and services to Africa, China outstripped the.S.A.
It took two generations and two world wars before the first solid Chinese project was realized in vind penge gratis online rigtige Africa in 1956, the Peoples Republic of China built a railway in Tanzania.
According to an agreement reached in September 2007 between China and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the latter will receive a 5 billion credit of which 2 billion will be allocated to develop mining projects and 3 billion to build automobile roads and railways.Of Rhodes contemporaries with strategic interests in the Black Continent, only his good acquaintance Kaiser Wilhelm II duly appreciated the prophesy, ordering an impressive allegoric painting entitled The Yellow Peril, and a couple of years later sent a military expedition to China instructing his officers.Rhodes had quite enough problems with Boers, Ndebeles and Shonas and there were no omens of any wyniki lotto i lotto plus z 25 stycznia Chinese competitors, political or economic, even on the horizon.It is known that Chinese firms are unibet casino mobil engaged in intensive geologic prospecting on the territories of these countries and the information obtained during these works is carefully protected.Alaiye Kleopatra Hotel, ataturk :150, 07400?Kaiser will take care of tactics.By 2010, the amount of annual investments is expected to reach 10 billion and the trade turnover may exceed 100 billion a year or 25 of the Chinese foreign trade turnover taken as a whole.Today the main African resource for China is oil.Armed Forces (africom) with an area of responsibility covering all of Africa except Egypt.As far back as 2003; its supply range clears away almost all the needs of the continent from cheap textiles and home electronics to mining machinery, weapons and commercial space flights.Great Britain, France and Germany were absorbed in slicing the African pie while China was dormant in its semi-colonial state and any serious Chinese expansion in Africa at that time seemed fantastic.However, these jobs are not for Africans.This is a new command established for the first time and, according to some analysts, it will be rendered operational mainly due to the Chinese expansion in Africa.Geniuses like Cecil Rhodes are capable to guess the ways of History.After another half a century, Rhodes prophecy finally turned true China became the major competitor of the West in Africa.
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However, this trade segment is kept under the veil of secrecy; Beijing does not publish any data on armaments export and during the last eight years did not submit any data to the register of conventional armaments of the United Nations.

In spring 2006, cnooc, a Chinese government oil and gas corporation, entered a deal to buy 45 of the Nigerian Akpo oil field for.27 billion.The African share in the Chinese oil import toppled 30 and Beijing has set the target to raise this index up to 45 by 2015.However, there are signs of much more serious undertakings going.In Africa, there are no local specialists to staff the impetuously built scores of new hospitals, schools, railways, telecommunication networks and universities.Africa consists of weak countries sometimes even incapable of independent functioning.So far, Chinese participation is limited to developing several minor alluvial deposits, dealing and involvement in the nascent African diamond-cutting business.The demands addressed to African states to improve their political systems, to observe human rights, to develop civil societies and democratic institutions, to fight down corruption all those finely tuned influence tools worked out by Western importers of African mineral resources in the course.China is the second to the.S.A.There are three major components featuring in the Chinese expansion to Africa: deideologization; huge credits whose significant part covers the infrastructural development; and non-transparent export of weapons and services within the frames of military-technical cooperation.But there are a lot of such specialists in China hundreds of thousands of professionals ready to work in Africa on terms unacceptable neither for Europeans nor for Americans.Today in 49 African countries, there are over 800 enterprises with Chinese participation.Only the official statistics say that more than 80 000 Chinese (according to unofficial data, the figure is four times as much) are working in Africa and about 15 000 African students are studying at higher educational institutions in China.As always, the State Department explained it encouragingly saying, There is an opportunity of a more consistent and clear cut approach to the region.The summary was as follows: China is quickly turning into one of the largest and irresponsible world exporters of armaments.The quickly erected infrastructure is not only and not so much a tool to win the sympathy of black leaders and the preferences in mining projects, but a source of jobs.Collapse, it should be admitted that China not only occupied free niches but also cornered its Western competitors.