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Blackjack dealer ace rules

Hit Stand Surrender if allowed, otherwise hit.
Ndas Doubling down after pair splitting is not allowed.
This is especially the case with a double- and multi-deck game when the blackjack dealer is showing an Ace upcard.
Its clear the dealer has a significant advantage with an Ace upcard but since we cant change the cards that we are dealt, we must play them in a way that will decrease our expected long-term losses. What follows is the accurate playing strategy for any hand when the dealer shows an Ace upcard.Rh Surrender if allowed, otherwise hit.I find it rather odd that he ruled like that, and I suspect something screwy going on, because (at least from my understanding of the rules) if the Ace were to bust him, Ace is valued as 1, not.Split if holding a pair of As.Rp Surrender if allowed, otherwise split.Hard Hands h H Rh S Pairs A- h HAT IF YOU ARE playinouble-deck game?AYpkJdbgZD ebosscydcnB 3 Answers, alan Bustany, Western Classic Player of the Championships.We also should surrender several hands (even when it results in forfeiting half our bet and play some hands differently depending upon the composition of the cards in our hand.Hard Hands, h H, h H, h H, h Rh S Soft Hands A-2 A-3 A-4 A-5 A-6 A-7 A-8 A-9 airs A- ITH H17 If the rules are H17, make the following four changes to the above strategy against a dealer Ace upcard: Surrender.Answered 165w ago, author has 6k answers and.4m answer views.DAS Doubling down after pair splitting is allowed.Player argued that it was a 23, therefore a bust (because Ace would be counted as 11).Being forced to hit, dealer was dealt.
I recently saw this play (not in an official casino, but essentially friends playing with themselves Dealer was dealt a 2 and an Ace.

Notations скачать chatroulette для айфона used in this article: S17 Dealer must stand on soft 17, h17 Dealer must hit soft.With S17 The playing strategy for a double-deck game with S17 is the same as it is for multi-deck/S17 game except for one change: Double down hard 11 if allowed, otherwise hit h H Rh S with H17 If the rules are H17 with ndas.The first row in each table represents the players hand (in the case of hard hands, it represents the total count of the cards and the second row contains the correct playing strategy against a dealers Ace upcard for an S17 game.Thats because she has only.5 chance of busting and a whopping.5 chance of getting to a final hand that totals17 through 21 (assumes the dealer did not peek at her down card to determine if she has a blackjack).Rs Surrender if allowed, otherwise stand.Multi-deck game, there are several differences in the playing strategy for multi-deck games depending if the blackjack rules are S17 or H17.Correct plays for the hands in the above table are: Hit Split Surrender if allowed, otherwise split Hit Double down if allowed, otherwise hit Surrender if allowed, otherwise stand.Hit if holding a hard 5 through 15, A-2 through A-7 or a pair of 2s through 7s, stand if holding a hard 17 through 20, A-8 and A-9 or a pair of 9s and 10s.If the rules are H17 with DAS, the playing strategy is the same as it is for the above multi-deck/H17 game with one change: Split a pair of 8s (instead of surrendering) A- HAT IF YOU ARE playiningle-deck game?

Double-deck game If the game is S17: Hit a hard 11 consisting of 9-2 or 8-3 instead of doubling If the game is H17: Hit a hard 15 consisting of an 8-7 instead of surrendering single-deck game If the game is S17: Hit a hard.
Which is the right call here?
(Your goal is to be able to play every hand accurately, regardless of the number of decks of cards or mix of playing rules.) game hand play Single-deck,  H17, ndas 8-7 Multi-deck, S17, DAS 8-8 Multi-deck, H17, DAS 8-8 Double-deck, S17, DAS 9-2 Double-deck, S17.